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6016 Highway 21 in Rincon, Georgia

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A variety of barre and yoga classes inspired by vinyasa yoga. Trainings and certifications available also.

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The Barre+Yoga Room | The Barre+Yoga Practice


Pairing two great methods of movement with breath and mindfulness.


We are located in Rincon, Georgia--next to B+M Pools under the blue awning.


Why should you take with us?

We emphasize safety and comfort. Whether we need to adjust spacing or temperature for you during class--we remember the little things that keep you loving the space in which you practice--so you can love the skin you're in!

We provide complimentary water, tea and coffee; each class ends with savasana and a towel soaked with essential oils to emphasize your emotional wellness after working through your physical body.

And more than anything--we accept you as you are.