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Barre Certification

What is barre,

    and why is B+Y Barre different?




Barre is a fitness movement taught at a ballet barre. While the postures are typically named after ballet positions, not all barre workouts are as ballet based as you may expect when showing up for class. Some classes are more fitness inspired, some have more cardio than others, and some use only smaller movements to really burn out your major muscle groups. What you CAN hope for in barre classes across the board is driving music, a barre for stability and help in alignment, and options to work to any level of difficulty you are desiring!


Barre at B+Y is different because classes vary every single time--from the movements used, to the songs played, to the order in which you work the body. We also pair more stretching with our sequencing to aid the body in muscle recovery and keep you lengthening muscles throughout class. We teach class with a yoga mind set to help you escape your responsibilities and stresses of life until class is over, cue you to breathe to make difficult combinations therapeutic, and we work your body in a safely and effective manner. We love ballet postures, footwork and basic combinations--their benefits on the body are evident through time! We also strive to add challenging fitness elements to the barre, as well!


A B+Y barre class makes you feel like a ballerina--but gives you a touch of zen your inner yogi needs! It's really the best of both worlds!

B+Y Barre Certification

Our barre certification outside of our 200 RYT comprehensive cert does not provide you with a 200 RYT--but you do receive a few of the more basic yoga stretches and breathing cues to add to your barre teaching.


This barre cert educates you on sequencing, speaking to the class, musical planning for your classes, ballet positioning and movements, traditional barre cueing, and adding props to give you the utmost variety of teaching tools to take with you after training!


Dates and location:  October 26, 27, 28

                                Rincon, GA


                        OR  January 11, 12 and 13 @ B+Y                                                                          

                                Columbus, GA @ CSU


Times:                      Friday 5-9

                                Saturday 7:30-9

                                Sunday 8:30-5


Cost:                      $575                        

Early Bird:              $475 before September 15

                                OR before December 22  

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