Classes Available

B+Y (Barre+Yoga)

A total body workout comprised of traditional vinyasa and yoga postures, as well as ballet positioning and core work. This class is done both on the mat and standing at the barre, and provides low impact movements as well as full range motion. There is a bit of cardio, light weight work, thorough stretching throughout the hour, and an overall experience of escaping the day to day to focus on you and your body. Class is breath and music based.

Buti Yoga

A practice based on power yoga, HIIT training, tribal dance and releasing your inner goddess. This is a fun class, a little sexy, and a great cardio option--especially for those of us that hate running or just can't put our bodies through it anymore!

KIDS YOGA (Intro to Movement)

Time to help kids learn to move and play and begin figuring out those motions the body is capable of. This is a great starting point, especially for children wanting to potentially dance or play sports--learning to stretch, figuring out core fundamentals, and learning to stop and breathe for a moment.

Barre Tease (Bachelorette)

A sexy chair dance+barre class. An opportunity to sweat and still have fun with your best babes. Class does entail working at the barre, some light weight work and stretching--but also a routine with the chairs to give some cardio and dance within the hour. By appointment only

Private Lessons (various focuses)

One on one sessions are a great way to work deeper, focus on something in particular, or get you comfortable enough to attend a full class. Classes are by appointment and 30-60 minutes depending on age and need. Currently full for children with special needs, but still taking sessions for flexibility coaching, private personal training, and audition prep (being comfortable on stage, cleaning up routines, improving overall skills, etc.).