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Which class is right for you?

Choosing a class should be exciting--not stressful! Read the descriptions below, and let us know if you have any questions!

Gentle Yoga and Gentle Barre

Hot Flow and Hot Buti

Cardio Barre+Yoga  and Buti Yoga

All Levels Flow and Yoga w/Weights

Flow+Restore and YIN

Any of our gentle classes are PERFECT for the beginner, or anyone looking to move and exercise without strain. Gentle Barre and Gentle Yoga allows you to listen to your breath, learn the movements of each practice, and learn your body!

Hot Flow and Hot Buti still encompass the vinyasa flow, but without too much cardio in either to ensure safety in the higher temperature. Our hot classes are heated to 90 degrees.


If you are looking to dig a little deeper and sweat hard without the cardio--heated classes help warm your muscles to allow more flexibility and detoxing in the body. Rather than building heat with movement and cardio, you can enjoy holding your postures and feeling your body open, twist and fold to fuller potential.

Cardio Barre+Yoga and Buti Yoga are higher intensity, cardio heavy, workout based classes hoping to help you sweat and shake out the stress!

Cardio barre+yoga uses a variety of props and weight work as well as choreographed movements at the barre to keep you shaping long, lean muscles, and working every major area of the body. Buti Yoga is high impact, power yoga based, and music based movement with tribal and plyometric spurts to really up the heart rate.

If you are looking for 'where to start', these are the classes for you. Each one allows all levels of ability and are mat based to help take away the nerves the barre can bring!


All Levels Flow is just that--a vinyasa based yoga class catering to all abilities and experience of practice. Yoga w/Weights is much like this class, but with added weight work and not as many tricky poses, arm balances, and inversions.


If you are looking to ADD yoga to your regular workout regime in hopes of gaining flexibility, or if you are hoping to destress and release anxieties and frustrations--these classes are for you! Both suitable for beginners, flow+restore will have just a bit of basic flow to warm the body before ending with restorative postures that aim to relieve stress.

YIN is a practice that focuses on releaseing dense connective tissues in the body and hoping to release the joints. Each pair well with helping to release the stresses daily life puts on our bodies.

PULSE 30 | 60 | 90

PULSE is one of our studio specific classes--combining barre based movements for toning and creating long, lean muscles, paired with traditional vinyasa flow and postures--and of course, your breath.

This class is centered around 3's to give you even experiences of barre, breath and vinyasa in every class.

We will be transitioning to 30, 60 and 90 minute classes with the new year. Until then, try PULSE xpress or one of our pop up Intensives.