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6016 Highway 21 in Rincon, Georgia



Join our Intro to Vinyasa Workshop with Bekah on November 17 at 11 am!


She will teach you the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of Sun Salutations, and give you a great class!



Learn to Flow


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This fall let's take break the cycle of holidays being an 'unhealthy' time of year. Instead let's focus on gathering together, nurturing our minds and feeding out spirits--work from the inside out!


Join our Fall Reset and Refresh with Mark and Stacy to take part in the goodness of taking care of your HEALTH, not just your body!


* one on one intro consultation with Mary or Stacy to discuss goals, what has and has not helped you in other programs, and what you are hoping to find in joining the program


*  private Facebook group with daily encouragement, weekly shares, and one home workout per week

*  3 classes a week

*  weekly refresh meditation

*  5 recipes emailed weekly

*  weekly check in with Stacy and Mary

*  option to attend a private small group training session each     week at discount

*  invitation to the end of the year healthful pot luck to  encourage our turn into the new year


$125/Nov + $125/Dec (autodraft)

OR $225 (for BOTH)