About Mary

Mary Crouse danced from the age of 3 until college.  She also dabbled in gymnastics, cheered throughout her highschool years, and played volleyball and softball.  She has always had a love for athletic and graceful movement--which is why she keeps it part of her daily life. After having her son she sought out how to get back in touch with her body after breaking from dance and trying to find comfortability in a body that did not look or feel like the one she had pre-pregnancy. Mary found barre in 2012, and fell in love with moving again--but after discovering yoga found a deeper understanding of her body and developed a love for a daily 'practice', rather than 'workout class'.


After finishing her 200 RYTT, she decided to finish school with a different focus. While she spent her first 5 semesters originally as a music education major with a dance minor, Mary graduated from Troy University with a Bachelors in Psychology, minoring in nutrition.


Changing her major to psychology and nutrition allowed her a deeper understanding of how to reach students on a deeper level than their physical presence—using music, proper cueing and tonality to essentially provide a meditative hour--which allows them to work deeper, seek more from themselves, and to look forward to their practice.

Developing a practice is much different than 'working out'. While this training is fitness based, the overall ideology of each class is 'tune into yourself, check out from the world--it will still be there in an hour, and leave feeling better than when you walked in'.


“I have spent 5 years figuring out exactly what my role was in a class, what my 'niche' was in the fitness community that is ever changing, uber competitive, and constantly seeking people to try the next best thing. I have come to the realization that yoga for me today will be different for me tomorrow, that my barre workout may be high energy and fast paced next week, with a slower more balletic feel the next. It is ok to change, it is ok to want to know more than you do now and it is ok to dive into something different than your neighbor. Variety is great--it makes us stronger, keeps us interested and keeps our bodies wanting more. I hope to encourage prospective new teachers to take what I can share from my own experiences, training and abilities, and help them feel encouraged and excited to formulate their own practice--and lead others along with them. Our bodies are our homes; we can paint them, clothe them and change them--but true transformation starts within. Whether teaching is for you, or you just want to spend 8 months getting to know yourself a little better, The Barre and Yoga Practice will give you tools to do both"