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About Mary

I've loved movement since I was born. My mother said from the moment I came into this world I was moving my fingers at all times. I started ballet when I was 3, and then went on to participate in tumbling, gymnastics, cheerleading, other forms of dance, and many sports. I danced in college for the basketball dance line, sorority events, and as extravurricular courses. Movement and exercise are truly therapy to me.


When I had my son I truly missed practicing and performing, and felt like my body was no longer 'my own'. I tried every form of TV workout, excessive running, multiple gyms, diets and 'tricks' to lose weight and try to feel like 'me' again. It felt like a never ending journey with no destination.


In 2012 barre found me; I was so lucky to be hired to start teaching at a barre studio. I had never taken a class but thought ANYTHING at a ballet barre, anything to get me moving and feeling like a dancer-athlete-moving human being had to be what I was missing--and it was. I truly fell in love with teaching--but also from a fitness perspective. Learning to understand and appreciate my body rather than just learning choreography or preparing for one 4 minute routine gave me new understanding of what my body was capable of--and it made me value the positivity that movement, music, and the energy of a group class brought to my life.


From there I became interested in other forms of group exercise--and yoga was an all new world to me. It brought structure, form, and spiritual elements of 'practice' I had never even heard of into my physical practices. It made my love of movement come 'full circle', and helped me step away from the need to impress, to evolve, to improve, to challenge--and let me just 'be'. It fed my  soul. I changed my major from music and dance to finish my degree in psychology and nutrition. All of my music and dance studies made my classes strong and powerful--but my psych studies helped me make them mentally satisfying. The nutritional practices taught me to appreciate the body as a functional machine and focus on more natural and healtful nutritional practices I had neglected before. I felt I had a database of quite a bit of versatile information to go deeper with my teaching.


From barre training to yoga training, I loved learning and developing my own physical abilities--but also what I could bring to a class and share with other practicioners. I was afforded the opportunity to open my own small studio, and loved developing my own techniques of adjusting, cueing, sequencing and working with students of all ages, backgrounds, sizes, and abilities. It encouraged me to develop my teacher training--which has taught me more than I could have imagined. I'm proud to have created a teacher training that encourages individuality, says 'find your path but stay true to your self', and practices teaching safety and functionality over ego.


I strive to teach with humility, and hope to continue teaching as long as I am able--and practicing even longer. I hope to keep teaching students classes that challenge them--but leave them feeling as if they have been able to water their own well and fill their cup while strengthening their bodies. We only have one life, and one body to live it--live it well and nourish it fully!