About Mary

"I danced from the time I could tie my shoes. I loved it. I played sports along the way, but dance and cheerleading were truly my strengths. I love the speed and music of hip hop and jazz routines--but in my college classes I realized how valuable and beautiful ballet form and technique is. After having my son at 20, my body did not feel remotely close to the dancer it had been for pretty much all of my life. The athlete in me needed something to make me feel strong, but the dancer in me was eagerly looking for her next move.


Fortunately, I auditioned to teach at an opening barre studio in the summer of 2012--and I have literally taught almost every day since. Standing at a ballet barre with others also needing their 'next move' healed me and brought me back to the stronger part of myself that got a bit lost and overwhelmed in the transitions of motherhood.


Through teaching barre, my eyes were opened to the world of studio fitness. I found vinyasa yoga through another barre teacher and found a way to stay the dancer, be athletic--and also calm the 'monkey mind' that had gotten out of control after having a baby, moving and trying to fit everything in its place. I needed to teach, to connect, to be creative--but I also needed something that nurtured ME, as well.


After a handful of barre certifications, a 200 RYT, and 5 years of teaching in 3 different space--one that was actually my own, I finally decided to start teaching people HOW I teach. I am so truly lucky I had such great people to inspire and uplift me, to take my classes, and to allow me to give back to myself a bit each day while giving my love of movement to them.


Along with the joy and challenge of starting a teacher training this past year, I also was gifted with meeting a man that feeds my soul--much like my teaching. Practicing is something we enjoy and share, together. We will have our daughter this summer after the current season of teacher training graduates in Columbus, Georgia, and will then prepare for the next home of The Barre and Yoga Practice in the Greater Savannah Area.


The next teacher training season will begin this fall, 2018. I hope you join and fill your cup as B+Y has filled mine!