200 RYT Pricing Options

Pricing will be listed soon along with the dates for fall training!


Dear future B+Y 200 RYT:



While we typically associate cost with value--look at the 8 weekends planned for this program as 8 retreats to learn yourself, step away from your day to day schedule, and really connect within. Take a chance on discovering something new, moving more than you usually do, and finding a voice to connect to those around you.


I personally wish I had discovered yoga SO much sooner. It has helped me understand myself, control my anxiety, and most importantly appreciate my body and what I am capable of mentally and physically. Throwing yourself into this program can set so many wheels in motion. If you have been wanting to learn yoga, interested in barre, hoping to just find your purpose and looking for some direction--this is the perfect way to start a new yar with a new vision for what may have become your normal.


We have to keep growing, searching, looking, and being open to change because the world will keep evolving whether we choose to, or not.  Take time to become a fuller, and more connected you in 2018!