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200 RYT Pricing Options

Base Tuition $2750


Payment Options:


$2750 paid in full by February 15


$250 registration + $2750 paid in full by March 5


$250 registration + $3150 paid in full by May 31


Deposits are non-refundable seeing as they hold your spot in the program.


Tuition payments are 75% refundable through February 1


Other costs and materials:


*$25 per weekend; breakfasts are catered on Friday and Saturday after morning practice, and snacks and waters provided per weekend.


*Books (roughly $125)


*A mat




*3 ring binder with dividers


*Study supplies (highlighters, pens, pencils, etc.)


Where is the value, what does my tuition cost cover?


Your trainer's time and experience, your certification, the space you practice in, classes each weekend for your own enjoyment, and other supplies that will be provided throughout training.


Thinking about joining B+Y 200 RYT Teacher Training?


Take time to invest in yourself.


With our Fall 2018 training season starting at the end of summer and ending BEFORE the end of the year, you can truly give next year a fresh outlook!


B+Y YTT gives you much more than a list of combinations to teach, or a box to mold yourself into! In this training you are guided to become a safe and knowledgeable teacher in all the fitness areas of yoga+barre, but also learn the ground work for the other aspects of yoga--yamas and niyamas, meditation, breath work, and so much more.


With freedom to be YOU in this program, you can pick any direction and create your own path to find your own voice--or even choose a few to journey toward! We believe in individuality and striving for humility in working with others. This YTT keeps you moving, helps you find grounding without feeling uncomfortable, and teaches you all you need to know to start your teaching journey confidently--while deepening your practice personally!