A place to root down and grow, from the inside out.



Weekly Scheduled Classes:  



2:30 pm Practicing With Prayer



5 am Flow + Core  (LIVE option)

6:30 pm Hot Flow  



8:30 am Gentle Yoga  

9:30 PULSE 30 (LIVE option)

5:30 pm Yin

6:30 pm Cardio Barre+Yoga  



5 am Barre Xpress  (LIVE Option)

6:30 pm Hot Flow  



8:30 am Gentle Yoga  

9:30 am PULSE 30 (LIVE Option)

5:30 pm Gentle Yoga  

6:30 pm Buti Yoga  



5 am Pulse 30  (LIVE Option)

9:30 am Buti Yoga (LIVE option)



8:30 am class varies weekly  


Please view our weekly schedule below; scroll down for important dates and additionally scheduled classes during the holiday!


You can also view our online schedule and register for your classes at the button below!

ES8A9944 Online Schedule + Registration

Studio Policies:


***Signing up for class is EASY! Check out our class descriptions using the 'class types' tab above.  You can view a PDF monthly calendar and email us which classes you are interested in, OR click schedule and head over to our booking website to book your class! From there you can also find pricing options, sign up for LIVE classes, and keep track of your class count!


*** Please be on time to class; we understand things happen--just let us know you are on your way so we can watch for you. We lock the door when class starts and can not admit you after 5 minutes have passed--it is distracting for the instructor and the other participants, and dangerous for you to miss your warm up!


***We can put membership and class passes on hold for trips, work obligations, or medical needs that will keep you from the studio for MORE than two weeks. We understand life happens and don't want you to miss your classes--reach out to us, let us know what is going on!


***We love a social communicty and building close friendships within the studio! Please feel free to converse and catch up before and after classes! During classes, please remember our instructors do not wear microphones--and if you keep conversation your peers may not hear the instructions


***We have introduced a late policy because of COVID requiring us to cap classes! Our classes currently cap at 10 people. If you sign up for class and can't make it, please let us know BEFORE class starts or cancel online. If you do not show to a reserved session we will have to charge $10 or take a class from your pass (depending on membership)


***Memberships can be transferred if agreed to be purchased by another person; they can not be cancelled. We will, however take into consideration permanent moves, deployments, etc.