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This summer you can give your teens the opportunity to look within, learn their bodies, put goals on paper and learn mental and physical tools to navigate where they currently are in their life journey. Whether they are adjusting to their first year of high school, trying to enjoy being present during some of the best days of their youth, or make some decisions on what lies ahead and what is next to come—our summer teen yoga immersion weeks are specifically planned to help with each of those concerns. Each week is planned strategically for the age group offered, and meant to help every student learn coping mechanisms for stress and anxieties, allow them to look within and ask themselves who they are, and to put some thoughts and goals on paper to feel more confident in what lies ahead of them. These weeks are open to any teen needing to manage stress, find focus, or simply searching for something positive in their life that can stay with them forever!


Each week will be led by studio owner, Mary Crouse, planned from 11-1:30, Monday through Friday. Every day will consist of meditation with yoga, a journaling exercise activity, and time to share and discuss as a group.


***Must have 5 participants per session to keep on the calendar; registration due by June 1


•“Embracing Growth and Change” | Rising Freshman | June 15-19 | $175

Rising freshman will cover new beginnings with starting high school. We will focus on creating goals, staying positive and being open to personal growth and change. Our freshman week will help these teens feel more confident in new situations they will be encountering, easing their fears and concerns, and remembering to stay true to themselves when uncomfortable or stressful situations present themselves.


•“Being Present In The Now” | Rising Sophomore and Juniors | June 29-July 3 | $175

Rising sophomores and juniors will focus on staying true to their inner voice, being present in their current experience and not rushing to grow up or move on to their more independent future. Our sophomore and junior week will help these teens embrace being present and enjoying their current days and experiences to the fullest--while seeking balance in their studies and future goals. We will also focus on purpose and listening to your inner voice, as well as seeking kindness to others and themselves.


•“Confidence In What Lies Ahead” | Rising and Graduating Seniors | July 27-31 | $175

Rising and graduating seniors are welcome to join us for a week of goal setting, and digging deep to ask themselves who they are. The Senior teen week will help ease anxieties of the unknown and their future potential of gaining more independence and new responsibilities. We will focus on building confidence, how to manage self care and mental health, and keeping sight of their hopes and dreams.


•Teen Pre-Certification Course; Personal Practice And Leadership Building | July 27-31 | $275

For any student that participated in a week mini immersion and would like to further their understanding of yoga as a lifestyle and physical practice. This week will run from 11 to 2:30 each day and give students the opportunity to learn the more common poses and their alignment, discuss nutrition and body appreciation, teach them how to create a personal practice, and learn to self practice and lead meditation. This is perfect for helping manage stress, build confidence, and keeping them mindful and dedicated to their goals and values. While this is NOT A TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATION, they will receive a certification upon completion of the program, and can be accepted to any of our certifications in the future to learn more and teach in the future. We also will be hoping to choose one to two studio apprentices to help with studio tasks in exchange for FREE CLASSES from this group.


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