Why B+Y 200 RYTT

The Barre and Yoga Practice 200 RYTT is a fully encompassing teacher training experience based in yogic lifestyles and physical practices. While yoga is the overall basis for this 200 hour program, the course includes music and barre technique as supplemental training, as well, to provide trainees with the fundamentals of not only learning to view the body as a well oiled machine, but finding your own way of constructing classes that speak to your audience, as well as yourself.


Reasons for you to join B+Y 200 RYTT?


Self discovery, reflection and understanding

Personal growth within a physical practice

Becoming a fuller, more rounded teacher

                                                     Learning to move and nourish your own body

Meet other people looking for the same things you are, make new friends, and get inspired


While many teacher trainings focus on one specific form of movement (yoga, barre, pilates, i.e.), this program will teach you so much more:


Yoga—ethics of being a teacher, learning the actual postures and how to sequence them into strong classes, chakras, breathing techniques, and various forms of yoga practices to help you seek which you hope to pursue in your own teaching. Being a good listener to your class' needs, and learning to be more open to those around you.

Barre--how to create a barre class to keep students engaged, as well as what movements to pair together, how to create your own choreography, how to align the body better using the knowledge yoga provides for body awareness, using the barre to provide stability as well as modifications, and determining how to get the most out of the hour.

Rhythm & Musicality-unearthing how to match music with creative movement, how to let music drive a class or create an overall effect for those present; while silence is sometimes the perfect background noise for your practice, music is life changing and helps most people not only tap into their movements a bit more effectivel,y but mentally drives them to work through things going on in their mind

Healthy living--how to mentally and physically nourish yourself to become a better you--and a more open teacher. This teacher training is about giving back to yourself so you can give something so great to those that will be coming to your classes, should you decide to teach once RYT ends. *****food is going to be included in your training experience; this is in hopes of keeping the group together as much as possible, and avoiding the need to make unhealthy decisions on such mentally and physically engaging weekeds.


Discover more than standard sequencing; feel more in your movements, and learn more than basic vocabulary and words written out for you. The Barre and Yoga Practice 200 RYT is meant to inspire creativity and individuality in every class—whether it be mat based vinyasa, or a barre class using great music and yogic stretching. This training will give you the arsenal of teaching techniques to cater to any set of students, any age and fitness level, and know how to teach with variety—to challenge students from a physical fitness level, or to ease them with gentle movement to soothe their bodies.


If you want to discover yourself  while learning to move and breathe and encourage others--THIS is the Teacher Training you have been looking for. We are not all the same, we need different things day in and out.  We deserve to keep our unique self  when learning a practice that seems so standard. Take a YTT that allows you creative freedom and wants you to be you.  Take The B+Y 200 RYTT!