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What makes B+Y different?

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We take our training seriously. Our overall purpose of B+Y 200 RYS is to help YOU find YOUR voice--and become a leader on and off the mat.


While many 200 hour programs teach you about yoga, we teach you how to TEACH, how to cultivate community and how to lead others the way you want to be led. Leave feeling ready to write your own classes, speak your mind, and fuel others' fire.


PRE requisites required. This allows the speed of the group to keep moving and let's us know your dedication and love of movement will inspire us in the classroom.


Read our focuses and coursework below.

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Program Focuses:

Program Focuses:


Alignment and function of postures

Safety in sequencing and guiding

Breath--various forms within practice

Meditation--practicing as well as leading

Assisting--hands on, verbal, demonstrative

Finding your voice

Confidence as an individual AND an instructor

Leadership--in and out of the classroom

Building Community

Traditional yoga fundamentals and elements




+Each weekend consists of informational packets that are discussed and lectured in session but are to be filled, reviewed and studied in between weekends.

+1 practice teaching per week (documented with review of student)

+A minimum of in studio class per week

+Weekly Discussion boards on various topics pertaining to teaching, practice, ethics and health.

+Daily Practice Logs (to keep you accountable; even if it is a 15 minute meditation)

+Required reading for discussion

+10 Community service hours over the duration of the program (documented)

+1 paper on a book of choice (relative to topics covered)

+Final Project: YTT Portfolio portratying your journey and where you hope to take your training  

+Test Out Class

+Written Test

+++++All documentation must be turned in the day before Test Out Class