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Why B+Y 200 RYTT

The Barre and Yoga Practice 200 RYTT is a fully encompassing teacher training experience based in yogic lifestyles and physical practices. While yoga is the overall basis for this 200 hour program, the course includes additional supplemental training hours in musicality and barre technique as supplemental training, as well, to provide trainees with the fundamentals of not only learning to view the body as a well oiled machine, but finding your own way of creating classes that speak to your audience, as well as yourself.



What makes B+Y 200 RYS training different?


This training is fitness and health based. Learn to train your body and safely teach others, effectively, as well.

The spiritual elements of teaching are up to you! While we learn and practice these things throughout the program, you have the option to keep your work private and more personal. Everyone's journey is different, and for many, that is something you may not want to share--we understand that!


Leave this course knowing how to teach! Often in trainings we leave feeling overwhelmed or thinking 'where do I start'. With B+Y we study not only how to teach, create classes, music for class, and more--but we make goals and brainstorm on how to move forward once training is over!


Learn to nourish your body-we all have different physical goals, but we all have nutritional needs. We study different approaches for these to find what works for our bodies.


While any male is welcome to B+Y, we truly believe a woman's need to exercise and stay in touch with her body and mental needs is more than necessary for her well being. Learn to teach other women to move and be themselves in a safe place--no judgement, no doubt or worry of appearance or ability--and learn to put these things into practice for yourself, too! Take time for yourself!


This training leaves you with creative freedom. With the primary focus of training being the safety and ability to teach a well rounded, full class experience, one of the other principles of yoga may become something of interest to you. With B+Y we dip our toes into every aspect--and you are free to then study more, find future trainings, research, and take your classes in any direction you choose.


We are not all the same--we shouldn't teach like we are! Every day of your life is different--every class you teach can be too!


While many teacher trainings focus on one specific form of movement (yoga, barre, pilates, i.e.), or one element of practice, this program will teach you so much more:


Physical Practice


Chakra/Body Awareness

History of Yoga and Exercise

Psychological Elements of Movement and Exercise

Overall Health and Nutrition

Anatomy for safe teaching and body awareness

Teaching to different audiences (elderly, injured, athletes, children, expecting mothers)


How to start teaching once training ends