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2021 200 Hour YTT in

                            Surf City, NC

2021 YTT Dates


February 26-28 will be a LIVE session via FB

***can do on your own time

March 26-28 will be a LIVE session via FB

***can do on your own time


First in person weekend:

April 23-25

May 21-23

June 25-27

July 23-24 (barre cert weekend)

August 27-29

September 24-26 (retreat weekend)

October 22-24

December 3-5


***1 weekend may be missed, or two separate days with approval of instructor of material being missed

***we do provide one makeup day and can allow in studio practice time to work on things missed depending upon circumstance



Teacher training does not mean the same thing to every yogi.

For some it may mean learning their body, for some it may be the next step toward leading professional classes and being a 'yoga teacher', and for some it may mean they have no idea what they are doing but need to figure it out. We want to help nurture EACH of those journeys--they are all important.


While we expect a lot from our training students--we give as much as we can to support those expectations and encourage their each of them to thrive and realize their true potential!

It is a commitment to yourself--and we commit as a studio and training team to taking this journey with you!

---Mary Ruth Smith, 200 ERYT and Lead B+Y Trainer

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Program Overview


History and Philosophy of yoga

Living yoga off the mat

Confidence and Leadership

Personal Examination and Development

Alignment and Safety

Hands on Assisting and Adjusting

Sequencing and Effective Class Planning

Teaching all populations and levels of ability

Musicality and Sound Techniques

Professionalism and Ethics of being a yoga teacher

Business and Marketing of being a yoga teacher

Developing a personal practice

Understanding Essential Oils and pairing with teaching

Meditation (personal practice and leading others)

          More than 60 hours of in studio practice





Tuition and Materials

A $250 deposit/registration fee is required for securing your space in the program. Then a payment plan can be set up as you need.


Tuition consists of $3500 after application and registration. After deposit, the remaining cost may be divided into monthly payments. If there are other payment plans needed, please contact the studio. These costs include your YTT retreat in September.


***We are a MYCAA partner; your materials can be added to your tuition request.


Book List is provided upon approval and deposit paid. Books can be bought new or used and will range from $100-$200


Other materials needed include a 3 inch 3 ring binder, looseleaf paper, a journal, a planner, and materials for a final portfolio.

After YTT we do give priority to new graduates to fill needed spots in our teaching schedule. This comes with YTT performance, dedication, and completion of course.


YTT does not mean you are GIVEN a certification, but we do work hard to see everyone to completion of time, understanding, and ability.


In 2020 we are adding additional online education for our graduates--new sequences, new meditations, and savings 50% savings on our teacher tune ups to help bring you back to your center and reinspire your leadership after graduation.

What happens after YTT...

S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200 APPLY for 2021 YTT